CHECCO DRAGHETTO NURSERY SCHOOL 0-3 YEARS Kindergarten 3-6 YEARS English school 3-10 YEARS .

Every child has a creative genius that must flourish and during the early years of life it is already possible to identify individual intellectual profiles. For this Checco Draghetto is involving children in different forms of art to best develop their intelligences.

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Music for Babies

Music course for babies from 0 to 36. Its purpose is that of helping children to develop their music skills and musicality through a process of acculturation, imitation and assimilation of music.

Development of musicality

Music course for children from 3 to 5 years. It aims to help the child to develop his musical talent and his musicality through a process of informal musical acculturation.

Dance Class

Dancing is similar to a game and performs the important function of bringing toddlers closer to this art through a creative and fantastic stimulation.