About us

Checco Draghetto is a childcare center located in the Castelli Romani area, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.
It covers an area of 2,050 square meters of which 1500 sqm outdoor and 550 sqm indoor. It is equipped with a large parking area and a private gym that during the year it proposes activities and sports specific courses for both children and their parents.

During the school year, every week, the children have the chance to attend swimming or baby swimming courses at the pool of ‘Heaven Sporting Club in via the Frascineto 67-71 (Tuscolana ). Our facility will transfer the same to the sport center, and vice versa.
The main target is to make the child understand his skill to float, hold his breath and move on the water. All these exercises, seen by the child as a fun game to play with a nice instructor open up the way for its survival. Floats, mats, balls, armbands, are just some of some of the media that the instructor may propose to kids to practice their skill. For the older ones may attend more specific courses with more specific exercises considering their ability to understand the instructions and to move.

Great importance, in this child center, is also given to the musical intelligence, H.Gardner defines an “independent intellectual competence” with a specific neurological localization that differs from the other competences as the verbal and physical ones. Our courses that follow the method of E. Gordon, is proposed to our children by teachers trained AIGAM (Italian Association for the Gordon ‘Learning Music) Courses are organized by age groups.

In a context such as ours in which each area of expertise is developed, dance classes cannot go missing, , according to Howard Gardner, “the dance can be considered the original art form, probably the only practiced by early humans”. Even without any evidence , we feel adamantly that it must be true. Professional teachers together with our children will discover the artistic and creative skill letting the music driving children to discover the world around.

The school greets children aged between 0/3 years (Nursery section) and 3/6 years (kindergarten),the latter has a bilingual educational programme.
The Staff includes native English speakers teachers who will go along children in their evolutive process, passing the English language knowledge in a fun way and not dogmatic . ‘listening to a different language other than their own ,child’s ear will get used to these new sounds helping them opening to new linguistic stimuli by activating more receptors. The foreign language will be proposed in a gradual way within the nursery (for a few hours per month), and on a daily basis (4 hours per day) in the kindergarten; the main trait that makes the center a Bilingual School.