Following the instructions of H.GARDNER the center is organized in workshops or laboratories located in different corners of the structure:

  • Music workshop
  • Horizontal-vertical graphic pictorial workshop
  • Handling workshop
  • Psychomotor workshop
  • Language Laboratory
  • Theatre Workshop and dramatization
  • Laboratory of Gardening (botanic garden)
  • Free play and structured role

The educational staff that shares the teaching-educational project consists of a Headmaster, a Coordinator, Professional Educators, Cooks and Auxiliary, a pediatrician, a team of experts (atelierista, Educational Psychologist, native speaker English teacher).

In particular, the indoor / outdoor space is organized as follows:


The physical space of the structure is specifically designed “child-friendly” it is s a suitable place for training, socialization and development of one’s personality. The structure is designed in full compliance with the regulations: the rooms, the furniture, the chosen games were made according our design to ensure uniqueness and adherence to the educational project. All the materials are non-toxic and have appropriate certification of quality in order to ensure maximum health prevention.

Moreover, our center has started various support services and mentoring for the families of our children and external too.
In particular:

  • Pre-natal and post-natal care;
  • Pediatric First Aid Courses organized for parents;
  • Evolution and personal development (individual and group);
  • C.A.O. (listening center orientation) for teenagers and adults;
  • Courses on self-esteem, assertiveness, awareness of one’s limits and strengthening of individual resources;
  • Establishment of integrated service centers which focus of attention lies upon the individual as a whole.

Educative Project