Educative Project

The programming is designed and organized according innovative educational methods: many experiences and experiments at national and European level, reaffirm the need to consider the Preschool cycle as a single cycle with an high educational value; and on these basis we develop the psycho- pedagogical and the educational program of “Checco Draghetto”.

Considering that every child has a creative genius that has to come out, it is possible, in the early years of life ,to identify each individual intellectual profiles; if we want children to develop the full range of their intelligences they should be captivated in one or more forms of art. This is the framework of H. Gardner’s theory about Multiple Intelligences [...] man is capable of developing very high skill in a number of areas … The intellectual intelligences are not separated or combined in a prearranged way, they are raw computational mechanisms that can be arranged as symbols of art or other genres of symbols. H.Gardner talks about several intelligences: Verbal, Logical, Visual, Kinesthetic, Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic, Existential. The aim is to improve the skills of the individual following the fluid relationship among the different intelligences.

His studies confirm that the artistic skill being a mind activity can become a mental trigger and it is for this reason that our teaching approach gives children the opportunity to be involved in artistic activities giving them the chance to experience more and different pleasures, which are the prerogative of art.

In this perspective, the nursery becomes an ART NURSERY and the Kindergarten its continuations: two spaces that meet two basic needs, exploration and research, suitable areas for children and their evolutive processes; is a place full of experiences aimed at the discovery and knowledge of the internal and external world.

Our service is aimed at providing through games a number of different proposals:


  • The corners of experience: different spaces set in the building are designed to encourage children’s curiosity; they are enriched by the educational staff during the year.
  • The laboratory projects: through them, children can express and experience the totality of languages. The character of the Atelierista is introduces, an expert in art and training who prepares workshops, and daily works with children in the nursery and kindergarten in small groups on expressive activities, according to a shared project with the entire staff. Considering the methodological structure of the service (multiple intelligences), the constant presence of an expert in art ensures an high standard job with children and the chance for educators to enrich their baggage of knowledges.