Development of musicality


Music course for children from 3 to 5 years based on the Music Learning Theory EE Gordon



The courses are designed to help the child develop his musical aptitude and musicality through a process of acculturation, imitation, assimilation of music..
His musical potential,l in this way strengthened and confirmed will support him during his adult life, whether professional or amateur musician becomes, or, keen about music becomes an aware user of artistic music.
During the course, the children will develop the singing voice, intonation, rhythmic sense, harmonic and musical phrasing, motor coordination in relation to musical syntax and finally, an enriched willingness to listen, through the development discriminating musical stimuli skill.

How a lesson takes place

During each meeting , the children will be informally taken to the learning of music language.
The Associate Teacher AIGAM will establish a relationship with the children achieved through the musical dialogue, listening, look, the body in spontaneous motion and other educative musical activities.

Material used

  • Voice: vast repertoire of tonal and rhythmic songs without words, short, varied and complex.
  • Body: spontaneous and heuristic movement.
  • Listening: active, mutual and participated.
  • Silence: rework and assimilate what has been heard.

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